Custom solutions


Our potential is based on our intimate knowledge of our organization and the industry in which it operates, and highlighting the characteristics that distinguish us from the competition.


Our target: Pharmaceutical companies oriented toward innovation.


Seratec is for all pharmaceutical companies, often Anglo-Saxon, seeking to outsource, in total confidentiality, activities specific to active ingredients, due to:

  • their startup structure, focused on innovation, with the desire to pursue as far as possible the clinical assessment of their innovative molecules prior to selling them to major industry players. This requires more of a genuine partnership with Seratec than a simple technical mission.
  • the therapeutic field in which they operate, which may require refined expertise in multi-step or analytical organic chemistry. This is the case for example when developing molecules for one of the 8,000 orphan diseases referenced to date.
  • the chemical class of molecules concerned, such as those endowed with properties that fight cancer, requiring strict containment rules both in R&D in production.
  • the responsiveness and pragmatism required, our team is able to take charge of a project without delay thanks to a short decision chain and the autonomy of the department directors.
  • the growing complexity of the Quality rules which apply to APIs.